what is psychotherapy?

Our personality begins  forming from the very early days of life.  While we grow and mature developmentally, events may happen that cause us to develop  patterns of behaviors that interfere with our overall development. These behaviors as children serve to protect us, but they become a burden and limit us as adults. While we grow as a whole, we may still carry fragments of ourselves that didn't have the opportunity to develop fully. We may appear to others as mature adults who function quite successfully, while inside we experience feelings of inadequacy, over sensitivity, moodiness, stress intolerance, excessive fear and anger, anxiety, confusion and/or depression.

In psychotherapy,   within a very unique relationship that is attuned to us and our emotions and devoted to our soul's needs, we begin to speak our truth , hold with compassion all the fragments of ourselves that got split off not developed fully. We investigate and gain insight into  our patterns that are keeping us stuck and not thriving in life. Sometimes this means developing better relationships. Other times, it means finding the way through chronic depression. Or perhaps the task is to find deep self acceptance. Fear, anger, confusion, anxiety – these are all symptoms of a life out of balance. Psychotherapy is a process of developing inner balance and empowerment through discovering the deeper truth of oneself.

I  am an Associate   Marriage and Family Therapist  (MFTI# 99651) offering Jungian-oriented Depth Psychotherapy services at Holos Institute under the supervision of Jan Edl Stein, LMFT for adults and couples and children in San Francisco, California.