Psychotherapy for greater sense of wholeness and well being.


OYA GULUM,  MA , Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

 I became a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern after a successful career in the high tech world. I bring from this background an understanding of stresses that can arise and how they can affect our relationships.

What would you do if you were not afraid anymore, no longer felt trapped by your life circumstances? When we feel trapped in our life circumstances, we may be filled with sadness and a sense of helplessness. These feelings keep us from thriving and living our lives fully with satisfying relationships and a sense of meaning. As a psychotherapist, I can help you address specific life issues as well as maladaptive responses to people and situations you may have developed during your childhood that are interfering with your overall development. 


Provides psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families at Holos Institude