Emotion focused therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy is an empirically-supported, evidence based psychotherapy approach that views emotions as centrally important in human functioning and therapeutic change. EFT was initially developed by Dr Leslie Greenberg, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Elliott and Dr. Laura Rice (for individual therapy) and Dr. Sue Johnson (for couples' therapy). An emotion focused approach is based on methods designed to help people accept, express, regulate, make sense of and transform emotions and develop much deeper empathy as a path to health and well-being in individuals and couples.  I have attended intensive training workshops  in  emotionally focused therapy by ICEEFT ( International Center of Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy). I apply the theory and the interventions to assist my clients understand and make meaning of the root causes of their symptoms and experience transformational change .

Emotion focused therapy effective in treatment of: 

Emotion Focused Therapy is basically suitable for all problems in which emotional dysfunctions are the main focus: 

EFT has been effective in treatment of the following disorders/difficulties: 
- Depression
- anxiety disorders (panic, agoraphobia, constraints) 
- post-traumatic stress disorder
- eating disorders
- borderline personality disorder
- difficulties in the partnership / couples therapy
- self-uncertainty or low self-esteem

The following video is a very meaningful explanation of our emotions and the role they play in our mental well being: