Embodied Imagination® is a therapeutic and creative form of working with dreams and memories pioneered by Dutch Jungian psychoanalyst Robert Bosnak and based on principles first developed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, especially in his work on alchemy.

Dreams as embodied events

While dreaming, everyone experiences dreams as embodied events in time and space; that is, the dreamer is convinced that he, she, they are experiencing a real event in a real environment. From the perspective of dreaming, the image is a place.

Exploring images 

Based on this notion, the dreamer can re-enter the landscape of the dream and flash back into its images to more fully and deeply explore and experience them. The dreamer explores the images of the dream while in a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. While in this state, the dreamer is asked a series of questions that help the dreamer to re-experience the dream and describe in detail its landscape and image.

Feeelings and sensations 

Once fully immersed in the images, the dreamer is invited to identify the sensations and feelings that are held in the body arising from various dream perspectives. The perspectives are both of the dreamer as well as the other persons , animals and objects that appear in the dream.