Individual  psychotherapy

I offer individual psychotherapy to adults, children and adolescents who are experiencing psychological issues in wide range of areas: depression, anxiety, relationships, career issues. trauma, grief and women issues. I am a depth psychotherapist. I work to understand  emotional and psychological issues at a deeper level in order to develop a better understanding of the unconscious roots of the particular emotional and psychological challenge. You can find more information about my approach in the About me page. 

couples therapy

In my work with couples I maintain  a neutral and non-judgmental approach and utilize Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy approach to support and assist couples identify their patterns. In your work with me you will:

  • be fully heard and hear your partner
  • interrupt the patterns that keep you apart
  • see your patterns as the enemy, not the one you love.

You can get more information about EFT - Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy by following the below link:  EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy

dream work

My approach to dreams is a holistic one.  I believe in the coherence of human psyche and its goal to always seek homeostasis. By paying attention to our dreams as well as our awaken experiences we can tell what is already underway towards healing how we can best support it.  My work with dreams in individual therapy involves an EMBODIED IMAGINATION® and  recreating  our dreams as an imagined reality and explore the images, sensations and the complex network of embodied states that come into being.   Please see events for dream groups that I facilitate using EMBODIED IMAGINATION®. 

I also offer workshops in Social Dreaming. Social Dreaming pioneered by Dr. W. Gordon Lawrence.  Social Dreaming is working with dreams in a social context. In Social Dreaming we focus on the dream by holding a socio-centric view.  You can find more information about Social Dreaming and Social Dreaming workshops in the following link:  Social Dreaming Matrix